Stephen Churchill Downes for Narcissist Nation

An experimental photography collaboration Narcissist Nation and photographer, Stephen Churchill Downes, investigating the dual relationship that a singular narcissist has with themselves. These portraits reflect the strife each narcissist endures from the preoccupation of fantasies of unlimited success, love, power, brilliance, and beauty, leaving minimal space for an honest pairing with another being. Narcissist battle seeing themselves truthfully in reflection, constantly striving for what cannot be there. 


Pupsum's Selfkiss


David Puel and Thomas Libe, two french experimental artist and designers, make up Pupsam  and explore narcissistic fantasies. The photographs each collect a glance, a gesture, one moment, fugacious reality from where the emotion spouts out. However, what is presented here does not exist, never existed and will never exist. 

"It started from with an individual agreeing to imagine meeting with him or herself to be a part of a couple; to embrace them, to track the posture, the spark in the eye, and finally the true emotion with the other. Moments desired, dreamed, hidden within the bottom of us that are usually denied Perhaps it is fugacious unreality from where the disorder spouts out from"

James Franco flirts with himself.

James Franco flirting and puckering up to his own reflection. Franco plays a narcissist in the black-and-white short who chats himself up in the mirror before going in for the kill.