Artist and Narcissist Nation founder, Michael Souter, peeled away from the arms of a narcissist. In pursuit of healing, Michael amassed a body of work that has traveled the country, from the Bronx Museum premiere exhibition to New York, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Geneva, and Torino. In the exhibit, it’s the narcissist we examine, not the victim. Enveloping our senses with the perpetrator’s point of view, Michael walked through the emotional fire to lay bare a perspective on the narcissist that allows the viewer to recognize and diminish it. With self-discovery, came a global discovery: the world is connected deeply with the impact, the disgrace, the provocative fire, and the beauty of the narcissist. We run to it. We cower from it. We are driven by its magnetism. We are surrounded by it in our daily lives. It is our culture. And what more natural reflection of narcissism could there be than a brand?